So many companies, large and small, are missing the opportunities the web brings to business. Freedom Software liberates the potential of your website, bringing content to life, engaging your audiences and bringing them back time and again, opening your business to new possibilities.

We work direct with businesses to assess and respond to their needs, and with other agencies to increase the flexibility and security of sites they build for their clients. We push technology to bring you the best in dynamic content, including e-commerce solutions, and we're one of very few companies in the South Yorkshire region with our capabilities for a whole range of IT security testing including web application and wireless.

Freedom will liberate your business potential with perfectly fit for purpose, easy to manage solutions which will benefit both you and your customers.

If you're investing money in IT, whether it be a web application or a wireless network, we can make sure you get the best out of it from both a user and a security point of view.