About Us

Freedom Software is a Sheffield based company with one thing in mind - getting visitors to your website to enjoy their visit and to come back again and again and again. Through experience we know that this means making content interesting, attractive, dynamic and secure. We work to bring websites to life, for small or large business and for web developers wanting to do the same for their clients.

So why Freedom? Well freedom is really our motivation. We don't believe in a single way of working and tailor our approach, our solutions and even our costs to the businesses we're working for. And freedom is what we want to give your website - the freedom to entertain, to engage, enlighten, inform and perhaps most importantly for your business, to earn custom.

We're a small company with a highly specialized skill and with a flexibility that many larger new media companies don't have. We're free to work in the way we want to, and the way you want us to, with comprehensive tailored solutions or cost effective off-the-shelf packages. We're also free to work with complete commitment to the environment and we do everything we can to minimize our negative impact, including using recycled and recyclable materials, green transport, and carefully managing our energy consumption.

Now see if we can apply our liberated approach to work for you - check out our services.

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