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About You

Ever wondered what kind of information is available about you through the websites you've visited? This information means enough to a hacker to access much more information, some of which you'd probably rather they didn't have...


The IT world is full of jargon and buzz words, throughout this site we have tried to use plain English wherever possible but sometimes we have to use recognised terms. This section contains definitions of those terms.

The Data Protection Act

Do you store any customer information? Order books, account details, address and contact details? If so, you're probably obliged by the Data Protection Act of 1988 to ensure that information is secure and available to your customers should they request it. To find out more about what the DPA means for you and your business, read our short guide.

Password Generator

Strong random passwords are essential for good security. This password generator allows the generation of strong passwords based on a number of configurable options.

Stealing Browser History

Using javascript and CSS, malicious website owners are able to steal your browsers history. In this example we just highlight to you which sites you've visited, others are not as nice.

String Manipulation

Whether it is escaping quotes before inserting a form field into a database or URL encoding an error message to allow it to be used on a querystring, most text is manipulated in some way before or during use. This set of tools offers many of the popular manipulation techniques which can be useful for, amongst other things, debugging and one-shot manipulation.