Resources - Definitions

We will always atempt to talk to our clients in plain English, unfortunatly, as in all industries, IT has a good share of buzz words and jargon. In this page we hope to define some of those terms so when we do slip up people can look up what we were trying to say.

3 Click Rule
The principle that it should take no more than 3 clicks to access important information on a website.
Backdoor Software
Software, usually malicious, which is installed on a computer to allow someone secret access bypassing the usual security controls.
Cross Site Scripting
When an attacker is able to have his own script or HTML rendered in a victims browser. This is also known as XSS.
CMS stands for Content Management System and is a way for users to administer their own websites without having to return to a web developer for each change.
FUD is an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Usually a sales technique it focuses on, and usually over emphasises, peoples fears and worries to encourage them to buy certain products or avoid others. We will always try to justify and back up any claims we make and offer evidence wherever possible.
Open Source Software
Software which has been developed and released into the community under a licence which usually which usually allows free use and modification.
Remote Code Execution
A security vulnerability where an attacker is able to run programs on a victims PC without their knowledge or permission.
Rogue Access Point
A wireless access point which is installed on a network without permission.
SQL Injection
A security vulnerability which allows an attacker to pass his own commands directly to the database, bypassing any protection put in place.