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Being a charity, the budget for the project was limited so we decided to go with an open source package rather than develop a completely custom application. After reviewing a number of CMS packages, Drupal was chosen as the most appropriate. The package allows administrators complete control over both the content and styling of the site which was one of the main requirements of the job.

The initial site structure was built and after some simple tuition the staff were happy to copy the content from the existing site across to the new one. While that was going on we added a number of extra modules to allow the Association to take online payments and subscriptions, to add a forum and to add accessibility by allowing the font size to be altered.

The Association was also interested in attracting younger visitors so we registered a .mobi domain which uses an alternative stylesheet on top of the existing content to tailor the look and feel of the site to mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs.

There are a number of additions to the website planned, all based on existing Drupal modules. All these modules are developed and tested by the Drupal community which means most are free to use and are easy to install and configure. This allows the planned additions to be done with minimal effort and, more importantly, minimal cost.

"When we were looking to redesign the British Tinnitus Association website, we knew that we wanted to retain control but have the support, expertise and knowledge of professionals and as a charity, value for money was high on our list. Freedom Software kept us on track and on budget and delivered a result we are proud of. We shall continue to use them for future developments of our site."
Martin Wass, British Tinnitus Association.

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