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Cinderella Star

With its current business growth, Cinderella Contract Cleaning needed a site which would allow it to show off its range of services, to invite new customers to find out more and to offer existing customers extra value.

This new site covers all these areas. For prospective clients, the site is built by using consistant navigation and following the "3 Click Rule" allowing browsers to easily access information on Cinderella's services and company ethics . For existing clients, the client area allows Cinderella to offer online resources such as site surveys and health and safety information giving clients instant access to the information and removing workload from Cinderella's staff.

To ensure the site met with the clients requirements, Freedom developers spent time working on site with Cinderella staff to make the final adjustments and to provide training in the usage of the content management system.

The site is built to accessibility standards making full use of CSS for all styling.

"Freedom Software helped us to plan how we wanted our website to look and were extremely helpful in the development and fine tuning of the website, producing a proffesional end result."
Cinderella Cleaning Contractors, Sheffield.

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