Services - Application and Database Development

If you've ever looked at the system you're using and thought 'wouldn't it be great if I could just??', the chances are you could, with some tailored software, do exactly what you want. Our application development pushes the functionality of your software so that it fits your requirements perfectly, making your job much simpler.

Much of our work marries up different applications, matching the way they function so they can work together easily. For example, imagine if when you add a delivery to your stock control system, it updated your website to show any new products to customers - wouldn't that make things simpler? Or it could work the other way around, updating your order processing system as items are ordered online. However you use application development, it's all designed to smooth the process of business, keeping administration to a minimum. Synchronizing your systems also ensures you and your customers have access to perfectly accurate information, so everyone's a winner!

How We Do It

Some solutions are better catered for with a desktop application rather than a web based one, so we offer development of applications for both Windows and Linux, working with the language most suited to the job.

Of course, we are happy to work for clients who require maintenance on their existing applications, as long as they have full access to the original source code.