Services - Web Development

Our web development expertise is ploughed into bringing your site to life, with the addition of dynamic features for your visitors to enjoy. Whether you're planning a new site, or developing one that already exists, we'll make the very best of it, transforming static pages into dynamic, functional content that expresses your business perfectly.

Developing Commercial Sites

Many of our business clients have had their websites up and running for a while. In some cases, they are not much more than a page of contact details, and that is a real opportunity missed. If people find your website, it's because they want to know more, so tell them all about what you do! Engage them, and keep them coming back for more!

In most cases, we can develop the function and appeal of the site for relatively little cost. Where we add dynamic content, we'll build you a content management system that means you can keep it up to date without spending on updates. You might go a little further and add an e-commerce site, which for the vast majority of our clients, pays for itself in a matter of a few weeks. However you choose to develop your site, if there's an opportunity to be had, we'll identify it and do everything we can to help you reap the benefits.

For those on a budget, we are able to offer installation and customisation of open source solutions, giving you the development power of worldwide communities with the reassurance of local support.

How We Do It

Although we generally prefer to work with a PHP based site with MySQL database, we can be flexible about how we do things too, also working with:

  • ASP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL

Wherever possible, all HTML created will be valid and will be built to comply with current accessibility legislation.