Services - Wireless Security Testing

The number of wireless networks is growing at an amazing rate with most businesses either currently using wireless solutions or planning their deployment. It is also very hard to purchase a new laptop which doesn't have wireless built in. With this in mind, does your business have the policies and practices in place to secure your wireless presence?

We offer various levels of testing from the simple outsider looking in to see what they can see, through to full security audits and penetration tests. Each of these is proceeded by a full risk assessment and discussion of issues and priorities and followed up by a detailed report containing any issues discovered and, where required, offering remedial advice.

Even businesses which have a strict no wireless policy can be at risk. If this is your business, how do you enforce this policy? Can you be sure that an employee hasn't innocently added a wireless access point to the network to allow them to work from the canteen or even from a colleagues desk? Using a number of techniques we are able to scan offices for rogue access points, and even laptops with wireless enabled, and pinpoint their location allowing you to take action to remedy the problem.

Home users are just as at risk, this article from the BBC tells of two people being cautioned by police over using someone else's home wireless network without permission. There is also the threat of targeted attacks where hackers find an office network too hard to penetrate but are able to drive up outside the home of the CEO and break through the simple security deployed on his home wireless network. Once on the network they can gain access to mobile devices such as laptops and PDAs which could contain sensitive information and which can be infected with backdoor software which is then activated when the devices are returned to the office. Because of these risks we don't limit our testing to the office and will take our services into the field wherever necessary.

All testing staff are highly trained in wireless testing, with Robin Wood holding a GIAC GWAN Silver Certification (Number 0081).

If you feel you may be at risk, feel free to contact us to discuss your options.